Generally registrations happen via Facebook, LinkedIn and e-mail. The system automatically takes care of the verification for the members signed up with Facebook and 
LinkedIn. The admin needs to manually do the verification for members who have registered with e-mail. 

E-mail registration: 

We have three step process in our registration process and the registrants fall under 5 statuses. 
  • Step -1  : User coming and registering on our website. User is tagged under 'Registered' status.
  • Step - 2 : The systems auto verifies the authenticity of the email id. Once the email id is approved, it is tagged under 'Email ID Confirmed' status.
  • Step -3 : Manual verification by the admin for the  registrants under 'Email ID Confirmed' status . 
Below are the methods we can generally verify the users registered using e-mail:
  • Checking the profile on LinkedIn (use Rapportive plug in on google chrome, it will give you the linked profile directly once you type in the email id in 'to' section of gmail) and check the user connections with others from the same educational institute. Rapportive plug in download
  • Checking the profile on Facebook and check the number of friends from the same educational institute.
  • Checking if the user name already exists in our database that generally come through excel sheets. 

If the admin is able to verify using one of the above mentioned methods then he can change the 'Email ID confirmed' to 'Verified as Alumnus' status.

If the admin is not able to verify using the above mentioned methods. Then he can mark the 'Email ID confirmed' to 'Unable to verify'. Upon on changing the status to 'Unable to verify' the system will send a mail to the registered user email , asking him to upload his degree certificate or provide LinkedIN link or Facebook profile link. Now the admin can use one of the methods and can verify.

If all the above methods go in vain. The admin can call the user and verify. If he is not able to verify using all of these then admin can change the status to 'Rejected - Not an alumnus'.